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BSC Accredited COSHH Risk Assessment (Level 2) Course


Level 2 Award in COSHH Risk Assessment qualification is an important qualification because employers have a legal responsibility to conduct these assessments, and it qualifies more people to do so.
The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended) requires employers to control exposure to hazardous substances to prevent ill-health. This qualification aims to provide supervisors and employees with knowledge and understanding of the COSHH risk assessment process and the skills required to undertake a suitable and sufficient risk assessment.
Level 2 Award in COSHH Risk Assessment qualification is regulated by the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The online assessment task relates directly to the student’s workplace and tests the application of learning in a practical context.

This BSC COSHH Risk Assessment training course includes the following:

  • 1 – Reasons for carry out COSHH Risk Assessments
  • 2 – Main legislation relating to COSHH risk assessments
  • 3 – Competencies required of COSHH risk assessors
  • 4 – Hazardous substances and their effects on the body
  • 5 – Main classifications for hazardous substances
  • 6 – Interpreting information from safety data sheets
  • 7 – Use of workplace exposure limits
  • 8 – Factors affecting assessment of risk
  • 9 – Risk control strategies
  • 10 – Recording the findings of a COSHH risk assessment
  • 11 – Making recommendations based on the findings
  • 12 – Reviewing and revising a COSHH risk assessment
DATESJune 2018July 2018Aug 2018Sept 2018Oct 2018Nov 2018Dec 2018Jan 2019Feb 2019Mar 2019Apr 2019
Glasgow 8-919-201-211-1230-1
London 15-163-421-222-320-21
Manchester 15-1610-1129-309-1020-21
Belfast 22-2324-2518-1920-21

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