The assessment process can be broken into which four key stages?

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The decision to commence formal assessment towards one or more NVQ units should be jointly agreed between which two persons?

TAQA Assessor Courses
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Collecting and judging evidence should be which one of the following?

First Aid train the trainer course
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Which statement is true about a simulation?

First Sid Train the Trainer Course
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When judging evidence produced on an assessment occasion, which of the following is true?

Risk Assessor Course Zoom
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Which of the following is true about feedback?

Formative Assessment Questions
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When should you meet with your verifier?

IQA Verifier Award
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What is the external verifier?

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What is the best method to prepare learners for assessment?

Glasgow Train the Trainer Courses
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What can peer assessment be used to identify the strengths and areas of improvement of?

Peer Assessment Question
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To gain the full Education and Training Award, you must complete a minimum of how many units?

Train the Trainer Courses
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What does constructive feedback highlight?

training and education awar

Please select 2 correct answers

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Why is individual and group feedback so important?

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In using the feedback sandwich, what type of feedback should the assessor conclude with?

Mental Health First Aid Trainer
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What can records of assessment of learning include?

new audit
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What is the main purpose of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?

Assessment Security QuestionManagement
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Where should the teachers/trainers keep records of assessment?

TAQA Assessor Course
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Marking schemes and guidance for external assessments are provided by who?

slider five
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What is the key role of the external quality assurer (External Verifier)?

IQA Training Question 0333 500 5000
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