If your mother has depression, then you will get this too, because mental health problems are hereditary?

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People with Schizophrenia are dangerous.

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If someone is suffering from a panic attach it best to get them to breath into a paper bag

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If you believe that a person is experiencing suicidal thoughts, you should never ask them straight out, as this might put ideas in their head.

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A friend has told you they are having suicidal thoughts, the best action is to tell them all the positive in their lives, to give them a reason to live

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Employers have a duty under the Equalities Act 2010, to send employees home with mental health problems so they can recover.

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People with a mental health can and do recover

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50% of all lifetime cases of Mental Health begin by the age of 14

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Persons who are self-harming are crying out for some form of attention, which is usually just a phase they are going through.

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In 2018 there were 1770 deaths caused by road accidents in the UK. In 2018 there were 267% more deaths than this by Suicide in the UK.

Mental Health and Suicide
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Yes it's, unfortunately, true there were 1770 deaths by road accidents in 2018, but 6507 deaths by suicide in the UK.

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