A medicine has a warning on it that it has MUST be swallowed whole and NOT chewed, what is the reason for this?

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If a medicine is only available from a prescription from doctor, which lettering will appear on the bottle?

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What is the brand name of a medicine?

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What is the best time to give a sleeping tablet?

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Which one of the following is true regarding the legislation on medication management?

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What is the correct time for recording when medication has been offered and when it has been taken?

Medication Administration Quiz
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In a care home setting who should administer medication?

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What is one of the best ways of identifying the correct resident for medication administration?

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When should you wash your hands when administering medication to a residents eye?

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You should never administer medication in which of the following?

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Its states on a medicine bottle that it should be taken twice per day. When would be the best times to take this?

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Where should all medication be stored?

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