If you lift a heavy load which part of your body is most likely to be injured?

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When lifting a load from the floor, what is the best standing position?

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If you are lifting a load manually you must always do which one of the following?

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If lifting a load you have to twist and turn, what effect will this have on the load you lift?

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When lifting a load safely what do you need to think about?

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You are assessing lifting a load which is heavier on one side than the other. How should you lift the load?

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When moving a heavy load you use a wheelbarrow, is this still classed as manual handling?

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What should you always try to do when lifting a load?

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If you assess a load as too heavy for you to lift safely. You cant divide into smaller loads and no one else is about, what should you do?

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What must all employees do under the manual handling regulations?

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