These terms and conditions cannot be superseded or altered in any way by any other terms and conditions unless specifically agreed to in writing by a Director of Abertay International Training Ltd.


  • When you book a place online it is a confirmed booking or when you book by booking form this is also a confirmed booking, and should you have any questions or are unsure if a booking is made, it is your responsibility to email us with any questions on the booking. As if you fail to arrive or cancel at very short notice you will be liable for the full cost of the course. If you enroll on the assessor or verifier awards you have 1 full year to submit the portfolio and gain the final result, after which time your award will expire. To gain an extension to the assessor or verifier awards you need to email or write in by recorded delivery before the 12-month expiry date, otherwise, you will need to pay for the course again or agree with a further extension at added costs.

We will normally send you an email confirmation within five days of receiving your online booking confirmation, but again once you are booked online if you have any questions on the booking you must contact us before any cancellation periods come into effect. Full joining instructions will normally be sent approximately 5 to 10 days in advance of the course start date. Where a course has pre-work then this information will normally be sent along with the joining instructions in advance of the course start date to allow the pre-work to be completed as per the time periods above.

We will normally send you an email confirmation of receiving your online booking confirmation. Full joining instructions will normally be sent approximately 5 to 10 days in advance of the training.  Please do not attend a course without full written joining instructions,  which will state the full venue address, course times, presentations to prepare for as well as PowerPoint and have trainer manual download links, etc, as Abertay International Training will not be liable for any costs, as you must have written confirmation before attending any advertised course. Abertay International Training Ltd will also not be responsible for candidates not receiving joining instructions when they have been sent to the email has supplied to them, but candidates have not checked these or have not checked spam or other email security settings.  These courses are public courses and dependant on numbers.

Certification Periods – As we provide accredited awarding body certification we plan to have all certifications completed in a 3 month period.  During the Covid-19 pandemic with closedowns, this period may be extended, as we need to prioritise staff safety and working patterns according to the closedown requirements and staff working.


It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they meet all course pre-requisites before booking a course.   Abertay International Training Ltd can not take any liability for any loss if the candidate does not have the correct pre-requisites for entry to the course.

For example:

  • 1.) To receive the First Aid Trainer Certification or the Emergency First Aid Trainer Certification the candidate must have a current HSE First Aid at Work Certificate which has been renewed within the last 3 years or be a Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic or have the equivalent Army First Aid qualification. So all candidates must have a valid First Aid at Work Certificate that is accredited by, an awarding body with RQF/SCQF Accreditation, FAIB, St John Ambulance, Red Cross, or St Andrews Ambulance.   We can’t accept any other certifications which are not accredited, as there are no standards to these and therefore we can’t accept any in-house company certification as a prerequisite on a First Aid Trainers course. Also, any issue with delaying or receiving the correct FAW certificate or other prerequisites will delay the certification of any trainer awards.  Please also note – You must always keep your first aid at work certificate current, as soon as this certificate expires, you can no longer teach, asses, or IQA any first aid courses, until it is renewed, regardless of any teaching or assessment awards you may have. First aid trainer certification is not recognised on its own, you must also have a teaching award such as the Education and Training Award or Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups.  This also applies to the AED Trainer, those that need to teach accredited AED awards will also require a full first aid at work award as well as a separate teaching award to teach accredited awards.
  • 2.) For the Patient Handling Trainer – Candidates will require to have experience in care homes or other similar roles with either a current patient handling certification or proof as required of experience in patient handling.  If additional training is required due to candidates not having up-to-date knowledge and experience, then this would be at additional costs and the candidate may not be able to sit the exam until the trainer is confident in their ability.  At the present time, we only provide the IOSH accredited Course for in-house group bookings. For all public course dates, these will be SafeCert Awards accredited. If for any reason the Patient Handling Trainer Course is unavailable, we will provide an alternative SafeCert Accredited Patient Handling Trainers Course with an additional option of registering at a later date for the PDLSG Teaching Award at no extra cost.
  • 3.) 20 percent discount for already qualified teachers – Therefore to gain the 20 percent discount due to already having a teaching award. if you state you have an accredited Education and Training Award or PTLLS or other approved award which we have agreed in writing with an email stating confirmation of approval. This teaching certificate must be presented on the course and a copy given to the trainer, otherwise, the full course fee will be due and no discount will apply. The 20 percent discount applies only to 2 or 3-day courses which have a first-day teaching unit so that a person with a recognised awarding body accredited teaching award is exempt from day 1. If these are not met then the fees charged will revert to the normal full fees applicable at the time.

All candidates are responsible for checking their own certification and if any suitable for the additional costs of obtaining one prior to receiving their first aid trainer certification or patient handling trainer.  Also if you are completing one of the other subject-specific trainer courses then you will be expected to either have the qualification in the subject area or have a CV and CPD which shows your experience in the subject area.  If you do not have this then you will be required to undertake a course before you can deliver the subject area.

  • 4.) Additional Registrations and Certifications – Your chosen trainer award includes the registration and trainer certification for the trainer award. If on the course you choose to include additional optional awards, such as the following: Add on 1 – On Patient Handling Trainer you will receive the certification for this if you wish to add on Manual Handling Trainer (objects) there is an additional 95 pounds plus vat fee. Add on 2 – On the Health and Safety Trainer you will receive certification for this but again there is the option for the additional Fire Safety Trainer again a fee of 95 plus vat applies. This optional add on are recorded on the joining instructions you receive before the course, as well as the registration form you sign and date on the course. These are optional additional awards, but if you sit the assessment you will be liable to these additional costs.


    Payment must be received in advance of the start of the training course unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing with us.
    Where an invoice is issued by Abertay International Training Ltd, either alone or in connection with a purchase order, payment is due by return. We will allow up to 30 days for processing but, payment must be received before we will send out any certification for the Trainer Courses or the training resources, therefore it is essential to consider this when issuing purchase orders and when you wish to organise your own training. Also, no assessments for any TAQA/IQA courses can be completed until payment has been received in full.
    Payment can be made in the following ways:

    • charge or credit card (online or by phone)
    • electronic bank transfer (e.g. BACS)
    • cheque
    • Postal Orders

    By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are confirming your agreement to pay for the training courses or other services in full. On trainer courses, 99% of candidates pass the course the first time, but Abertay reserve the right to charge a reassessment fee of up to 150 pounds if a candidate needs to be reassessed.


    Notification of transfers or cancellations must be made in writing and received by Abertay International Training Ltd within the timescales noted below.


    Transfers must be made in writing by email 21 days before the start of the course. Transfers must be to the same course, are subject to availability of places, and must be within six months of the initial booking. Requests for transfer must be received in writing and are effective from the date we receive the written request. You will be liable for any costs incurred for accommodation and training materials we may have booked for you.


    We understand that sometimes a nominated person may be unable to attend a course therefore substitutes are allowed up to the commencement of the course.  There are no refunds or substitutions for e-learning courses however once registered.  If you require support on e-learning courses this must be in writing by email. As we work with a few awarding bodies for certification, the certification issued may be different from advertised but will be the same or equivalent certification.


    After you confirm a place we frequently refuse other bookings for that place. Therefore we cannot accept cancellations for any reason less than 14 working days (Monday to Friday) in advance of the start date of the training. After the 14 day period the candidate will be sent trainer manual and PowerPoint materials which can easily copied so therefore another reason why a refund is not possible after this period. Cancellations made 14 working days (Monday to Friday) or less from the start date of the training will incur the full cost of the training, including any expenses.

    Cancellations made more than 14 working days (Monday to Friday) in advance of the start date of the training will incur a £50 administration fee. Delegates failing to arrive for the training or leaving the training during the course will incur the full cost of the training, including any expenses.

    Any discounts are applicable only as specifically agreed and where all of the conditions are met in full. If these are not met then the fees charged will revert to the normal full fees applicable at the time.

    Please do not attend any course without a written letter or an email confirming full joining instructions.   We endeavor always to run the courses as scheduled. However, on occasions and due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to change the venue, location, or dates at any time and without prior notice from that published.

    In these cases should you wish to cancel your booking we will, of course, make a full refund. We understand how frustrating this can be for you and will only do this when it is absolutely necessary, but reserve the right to do this.

  • Coronavirus – Our courses will continue at this time and we will be advising all candidates to follow good infection control hygiene. If you however feel you need to self-isolate or are sick, we will be able to transfer your booking to a new date. No refund would be due, but we will keep your place for the next available course.  This condition does not affect the trainer courses completed by Zoom where self-isolation will not affect these.

    Abertay International Training Ltd will provide the training course, training materials, transport, and accommodation for the tutor at locations within the UK.  Courses at venues outside the UK will be subject to a separate agreements.  The customer is responsible for providing a suitable training venue and any other associated costs such as travel, accommodation, and refreshments for delegates attending the course.

    Zoom First Aid Trainer and Patient Handling Trainer Courses

    Abertay International Training Ltd will provide these 3-day courses with the first two days as an option over Zoom for those who select the zoom option. The 3rd practical assessment day will however be on the 3rd day of the public course dates. As all public courses are depended on enough candidates booking, we do require to build in flexibility on the venue for the third-day event.  Therefore if you book a Maidstone venue, for example, this might not be available so, in booking, you agree to London being a suitable alternative. If booking Birmingham for example on a Zoom trainer course the 3rd day may need to be available in Birmingham so you agree to either London or Manchester being a suitable alternative. If you are booking Newcastle then a suitable alternative for the 3rd day only is either Manchester or Glasgow. If this is not an option please don’t book the zoom option for these courses.  All assessments, training materials as well as certification included in the cost as advertised.

  • TAQA and IQA In-House Assessments

    Abertay International Training Ltd will provide the training course, all assessments, training materials as well as certification included in the cost as advertised.  The advertised cost included assessment completed by you sending in the evidence by video for our assessors to then assess and internally verify.  If you require all assessments to be completed in-house at your company with the assessor present on the date of the assessment, this will be at extra costs. Also, you have one full year to complete the TAQA or IQA award. If you do not complete the award in full at this time, you will need to re-enroll at additional costs. Please contact us for an additional cost if this is required. Please also note all portfolios of assessment evidence should be copied, before posting to us by recorded delivery for signature.  Your portfolio is your responsibility, if it goes missing then you would have to redo any missing work as we cant assess what we have not received.


    Cancellation by Abertay International Training Ltd
    Liability for a course canceled by Abertay International Training Ltd is limited to the provision of a further training course. Abertay International Training Ltd is not liable for any consequential loss or costs associated with the cancellation of the training course.


    All intellectual property rights and copyrights on knowledge, concepts, materials belong to and will remain the property of Abertay International Training Ltd.


    Where the customer fails to comply with these terms and conditions Abertay International Training Ltd withholds the right to charge all costs incurred with the administration of related activities.


    Where the customer fails to comply with these terms and conditions Abertay International Training Ltd withholds the right to charge interest and any additional costs incurred with finance relating to payments overdue.

    Certificates for training courses will not be issued until payment has been received by Abertay International Training Ltd in full.

    PowerPoint Presentations

    There is a no refund policy on orders of PowerPoint Presentations as these due to their nature can easily be copied, therefore we can if requested send a sample before you purchase, but these are also available online as a series of 6 slides to sample.