Direct Links

The Shopping Cart Module has by default the ability to listen and understand what the current URL parameters are set to and the list of these are below.

By default without any custom routing set, the default calls in the location would be ?query=value such as ?view=product&id=250 will display the product view showing the product id 250.

We recommend setting up custom .htaccess routing or if using a framework that will allow better routing such as /product/250 instead of

An example of this would be

?view=list&extra=elearning will show elearning, you can also use (elearning, ebook, video, distance, qualification and package.

?view=list&extra=123 will show a list of all the products under a custom category you’ve setup within the BLE. You can get the IDs / Slug when settings these up.

?view=basket will take them directly to the basket.

&ref=example will allow you to link a basket to where they first came from to be used in tracking. For example ?view=product&id=250&ref=facebook will show the purchase origin from facebook.

?view=add_product&id=250 will add the product with the id provided directly to the users basket and take them to the basket.

When using the product view, you can supply a slug within the id param instead of the id for example age-verification instead of 250.