PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course Overview

Prince2 foundation and practitioner trainingThis 5-day includes both the PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner.

This course covers the basic foundations through to the practitioner. Hence, this PRINCE2® Practitioner course enables candidates to efficaciously lead projects regardless of scenario or project environment. Specifically, candidates will be taught how to tailor the methodology, whilst adhering to the founding principles, themes, and processes.

Additionally, this highly engaging and proactive course delineates how to manage a project over its entire lifecycle – through learning skills such as recording baselines, justifying the business case, being considerate of risks, and creating progress reports. The multifaceted nature expected of a PRINCE2® Project Manager role requires individuals to be adaptive, organised, and proficient; consequently, this course will help candidates to practice and develop these qualities, in order to become an astute project manager.

Upon the completion of this lauded PRINCE2® certification, candidates will be able to apply their knowledge of the best practice project management methodology from day one, with suitable guidance – addressing the needs of specific projects and ameliorating operational functionality.

DATESJune 2018July 2018Aug 2018Sept 2018Oct 2018Nov 2018Dec 2018Jan 2019Feb 2019Mar 2019Apr 2019
Glasgow 8-919-201-211-1230-1
London 15-163-421-222-320-21
Manchester 15-1610-1129-309-1020-21
Belfast 22-2324-2518-1920-21
    Foundation Section

  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • Getting started with PRINCE2® Foundation
  • Lesson 00 – Course Introduction
  • Lesson 01 – Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • Lesson 02 – PRINCE2® Principles
  • Lesson 03 – Introduction to PRINCE2® Themes
  • Lesson 04 – Business Case Theme
  • Lesson 05 – Organisation Theme
  • Lesson 06 – Quality Theme
  • Lesson 07 – Plans Theme
  • Lesson 08 – Risk Theme
  • Lesson 09 – Change Theme
  • Lesson 10 – Progress Theme
  • Lesson 11 – Introduction to PRINCE2® Processes
  • Lesson 12 – Starting up a Project Process
  • Lesson 13 – Directing a Project Process
  • Lesson 14 – Initiating a Project Process
  • Lesson 15 – Controlling a Stage Process
  • Lesson 16 – Managing Product Delivery Process
  • Lesson 17 – Managing a Stage Boundary Process
  • Lesson 18 – Closing a Project Process
  • Lesson 19 – Tailoring PRINCE2® to Project Environment
  • Final Words plus Tips and Tricks
    Practitioner Section

  • Lesson 1: PRINCE2®Foundation Refresher e-learning
  • PRINCE2® Overview & Principles
  • PRINCE2® Processes
  • Key Elements of PRINCE2®
  • The PRINCE2® Process Model
  • Lesson 2: PRINCE2®Practitioner
  • Introduction into PRINCE2® Practitioner
  • PRINCE2®Process Model Walkthrough
  • Marking up the PRINCE2® Manual
  • Practical Practitioner Exercises
  • Practitioner Exam Technique
  • Exam Simulator
  • PRINCE2 Project Scenarios
  • Business Case Simulation
  • Organization Simulation
  • Quality Simulation
  • Product Breakdown Structure Simulation
  • Management of Risk Simulation

Abertay also provide the Prince2 Foundation Course and the Prince2 Practitioner Course Prince2 Practitioner and Foundation Coursefor those who have already completed the Foundation course. As well as Prince2 Abertay provide a range of ISO Auditor Courses for ISO9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Courses and ISO 45001 Health and Safety.