first aid awarding body certificates

First Aid CPD accreditation is a simply process to gain accredited CPD certification for the persons you then teach. Once you have the qualification for delivering first aid or have completed a first aid trainer course, you can then apply for CPD accreditation for the courses you delivery.

There are a number of CPD accreditation bodies including CPD UK, CPD Standards Office, CPD Group or SafeCert CPD.  The process to gain approval is you sign up as a centre which is free, then you would sign up for each course or activity you wish to get accredited, for which there is a fee per course approval usually in small monthly payments.

You would then send in the details of the course you wish to be approved with any lesson plans, PowerPoint and assessments you have, so it can be assessed towards accredited CPD Points. CPD Points are equivalent to 1 CPD Point to 1 accredited CPD Hour of activity.  Therefore each course will be accredited to the value of points to complete that activity or course.

Accredited CPD course examples are as follows:

  • Level 2 Award in First Aid Awareness (4 CPD Points)
  • First Aid at Work (Blending Learning Theory) (6 CPD Points)
  • First Aid for Children and Babies – Online Course (2 CPD Points)