E-Learning Courses in Fire Safety

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Other E-learning courses

We also have many of E-Learning Courses which you can do in the following areas:

Equality and diversity,
First aid,
Fire safety,
Food safety,
Health and safety,
Healthcare certification,
Healthcare courses,
Intection control,
manual and patient handling,
Medication administration,
Training Assessment and Management,
Conflict resolution,
Child protection,
Display screen equipment

We of course offer public Fire Safety Trainer Courses at venues in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Remember: All our accredited fire safety trainer courses include in the cost the trainer manual, awarding body award registration, awarding body trainer certification, PowerPoint and lesson plans.

Once you complete one of our trainer courses you also then get 20% off the cost of any of the other 2 or 3 day trainer courses as well as exemption from day 1.